Moria Cerys Jenks graduated December 2011 from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts.  Although Cerys' primary interest and skill is in costuming, she prides herself in being a well-rounded theatre artist with training in acting, dance, scenic design, stage management, and directing.

In her spare time, Cerys began taking commissions from her nerdier friends for custom costume pieces, initially as a way to keep her sewing skills sharp while looking for theatre work.  As word of mouth began to spread, she began to see these commissions as an ideal means to pursue her passions for costume design and gaming at the same time, and started her own business, Unpronounceable Designs, in January of 2014.

Cerys currently resides in Watertown, Wisconsin, with her fiancee Erich and their rabbits Bubbles, Squirt, and Darla.

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Resume: MCerysJenksCostumingResume2013.doc

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